Why jewelry?

I have always done crafts When my girls were in grade school. I macramed, among other items, a scarecrow for my front door during Haloween. I took classes for making pottery. I made several types of pottery pieces that I gave away at Christmas. I also make three angels that I colored each angel's hair to be the same as each of my daughters. That was 36 years ago. I still have those angels and set them out at Christmas each year. Then I took up flower arranging - making baskets, swags,wreaths, and holiday tabletop decorations. I did that for many years making decorations for my church, making wreaths for my door, cornucopia for Thanksgiving that I took to my daughter's, Gina, home for Thanksgiving. I can't remember how I got into candle-making, but in recent years I studied online what was needed to make candles. I started collecting different containers for candles - trying to find different containers, not the typical jars normally used for candles. I collect these all year long, mainly from garage sales. One of my favorite is an old teacup and saucer. The older ladies in my church love these. I use wine glasses, tins, juice glasses, ice cream sundae glasses. The sky's the limit. I give away 35-40 candles each Christmas. I still enjoy doing this. A couple of my granddaughters love to come over and help me make candles, designing a couple for themselves. It is so much fun watching their faces during the process and having a time I can spend with them. These make wonderful memories.